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iEnhance is now a Google Partner

Business 3 Comments 26 November, 2016

After years of working with the Google Partner program, undertaking training and Masterclasses, a few weeks ago, iEnhance formally became a Badged Google Partner.

This has been a step to solidify both our dedication to providing a brilliant service, and also goes far to prove that we know our stuff. As a client or prospective client, you can be confident that we have demonstrated to Google that we have advanced knowledge of their advertising products, how to use them, and have actively demonstrated best practices in managing accounts.

We have always made use of new advertising products as they become available and fit our clients individually. Being a Google Partner allows us to undertake additional training provided by Google, and stay on our best game.

This is an exciting time for iEnhance, and we are eager to demonstrate our skills to our clients.

One exciting part of marketing at the moment is definitely mobile. With steady use throughout the day, and more and more conversions happening directly from mobile, we are excited to make use of mobile advertising platforms and display advertising within apps as well as traditional methods.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, touch base on our contact page.