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Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Business 3 Comments 6 July, 2010

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

The answer is very simple: Profiti!

High Rank = More Traffic =More Sales = More Profit

If a tree falls in a forest and noone is there to hear it, does it make a sound? 
You may have the best product in the world to sell, and you may have a great looking website. If it is not being found, how are you going to make any sales?

Search engines are the best advertising you can get. Everyone is using google, yahoo, or MSN / Live to research any product. If someone wants a new car, they will look at what is mentioned about the car on the internet. If someone is buying a house, they will research on the internet before going out to physically look.

If you are on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th page of the search engines (mainly google), you will be very rarely found. If you are on the front page, and moreso ranked 1 - 3, you can expect great traffic, and therefore more business and sales.
Studies have also shown that companies / sites appearing well in search engines also command more respect, and are seen to be an authority on that topic. This increases brand awareness, and has a much larger effect than just the sale coming through at the time.

One great example, a small business at Noosa on the Sunshine came to iEnhance for help. They ranked very poorly, and had one or two emails coming in per week. After the initial search engine optimisation, their buisness rapidly grew, and they began to receive substantially more emails (around 3 bookings per day) which more than covers the work they can do. They are even looking at putting more staff on to cover the extra work! This story is repeated time and time again.

Some businesses iEnhance Pty Ltd has work with have scrapped all other advertising, and work soley on Search engine optimisation, Pay per click, and online demographicallly targeted marketing.

So, if you have a business, and have not looked at search-engine-optimisationNOW is the time. Get in there with a strong presence before your competition do. The results will speak for themselves, and the investment will be one you will be glad you made.