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The Benefits of Demographically Targeted Marketing

Business 3 Comments 22 July, 2010

The Benefits of Demographicaly Targeted Marketing

Depending on your industry, your marketing dollar may well be best spent marketing to a specific demographic. 
With demographically targeted marketing, you are paying for the results that you are after, ie the person you want finding you! [artBreak]
So, if you are marketing toward males between the age of 18 - 25 that are studying, you would be paying when that demographic actually see your advertisment, or click on an advertisment. A good example of this may be a clothing store, mobile phone salesman, or an extreme sports company. 
The benefits are that you are only paying for the actual customer you want. Whereas Search engine optimisation, and paid search engine advertising casts a large net over an audience, Demographically target advertising casts a smaller net, capturing a better quality of lead. You are also able to track who is effected by your advertisment, and are then able to make future marketing decisions with this in mind.
So, the main benifit of targeting directly to you demographic, is that you are spending less, yet receiving a higher quality lead from the spend. Please note that this alone is not always the best strategy for all industries / businesses, but it is a great addition to almost all strategies!