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Meta Awesome = yes

Business 3 Comments 9 November, 2011

 I am often asked questions regarding SEO, and the best way to go about running a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Generally, people seem to think that there is one single factor which will govern the success of a search engine campaign.

Finally, I have found this.

We have been working on a clients site for a long time, and we have had great success with keywords like "sms". Over the last few months, we have expanded the campaign, and have had reasonable results for the time spent working on it. The other day, our client decided to make a change to the <meta name="awesome"> tag. He simply changed it to <content="yes"> and almost instantly, all the keywords appeared in the top 10 of google. And even keywords we were not targeting. Even things like "Lee Sin" all of a sudden were owned by us.

So, after some questioning, our client admitted to changing the tag a few times, from "no", to "maybe" and even "sometimes". But it was "yes" that showed the best results. 

So, although we generally do not like clients playing with our search engine optimisation campaigns, sometimes it can obviously pay to look outside the SEO square.

Thanks to Mark Ross-Smith for his insight in to how to SEO :)