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SEO Misinformation

Business 3 Comments 10 March, 2011

Over the last few years, I have heard soooo many wild stories regarding how to SEO. Almost all of them, I dismiss instantly, some of them I can only laugh at.

Recently, there was one company I heard of that actually employs people to click clients sites in search results...."more clicks = higher rankings" they assured the future client. I also was once  contacted by a  Search Engine Optimisation company in Melbourne regarding the SEO of a clients site. After three emails, I was absolutely baffled by the claims being made. I have it in writing from this "Guru" that Google search results can vary between Apple Macs, and IBM Brands. 

I guess the point of this is to have a little bit of a smile at some of the stories that are told, and to let you know that there are ways to check wild claims.....and to take a lot of it with a grain of salt.

Here is a Video from Matt Cutts where he addresses his Top 5 misinformation topics for 2010.