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Websites that convert

Business 3 Comments 12 August, 2010


So, the scenario comes along far too often.

People come to us to drive traffic to their site, as they are not making sales.

More often than not, it is not just a traffic issue,[artBreak] but a layout issue. One recent website we completed was The old site used to do it's job when it was made, and was cutting edge for it's time, however, it was getting old, and it was no longer converting like it should (No disrespect to the last developer, the site was good for the time, and for the technology). So, we redesigned, and they have the product I just linked to. 

Now, we can confidently drive traffic to the site, knowing that the bounce rate will not be as high, and knowing that the site will engage someone that is looking for somewhere to stay in Noosaville. This site has also become a conversion tool for the owners, when they are fielding telephone calls, and need to illustrate room types, location etc.

Back to the first point, we can drive traffic to your site. That's what we do! BUT, sometimes, it is not enough. If the website people are looking at looks amateur, or dated (think early 90s etc) they will not buy the product, or even waste time looking into the site further. 

Think about it yourself, if you go to a shop, restaurant or venue that looks sub standard / below par, do you stay, or move on to the next one?

A website is the face of your business online. Make sure it works as efficiently as you do! Don't waste your efforts or money driving traffic to a site that won't do it's job. And most of all, don't rely on cheap websites that are quickly made, without thought of the end sale in mind. (And please, unless you are an experienced designer, don't think that your design you made using frontpage, is in fact a website that is worth using in this stage of the internet!)

If you are worried about the conversion rate of your site, please contact us for a chat. We would be happy to share our thoughts....and, no, we won't tell you your site needs fixing if it doesn't!!!

We recommend spruiking up your website around every three years.