Search Engine Optimisation

Want to rank highly on google?
Want to be found, and have traffic actually going through your website?
Our Search Engine Optimisation Specialists will blow you away!

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Mobile Phone Websites

We offer both mobile phone / smartphone websites and responsive design websites. If you do not have a mobile site, you need one!
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Web Development

From Basic websites, to full scale content management systems and ecommerce. Our team will design the perfect looking site, and follow it up with a strong, secure back end

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Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Engine Advertising is an option where you can guage exactly how your campaign is going.
Results are tracked in near to real time.

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Smartphone Websites 


Is your website Mobile Phone/Smartphone compliant?


If your answer is no, you need to start thinking about why not!

Some interesting and important smartphone website stats:


  • There are over 1500 new mobile customers each minute.

  • By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones to use the internet than PC's!

  • There will be one mobile device for each person on earth by 2015. 

  • Mobile phone searches have grown 400% since 2012, and they continue to grow rapidly.

We can create two variations of a mobile phone website.

Either a secondary website just for mobile phone, or a "responsive" website, which will redraw depending on the device that it is viewed on.

The second "responsive" method will eliminate any chance of Google penalising your search rankings due to replicated content, and give only one set of content for you to keep track of for editing purposes.

With that said, as we live and breath Search engine optimisation, and mobile phone website we create will have minimal impact on your search rankings!